Anthony Boudrain Delectates Sophie’s; Is It Cursed Now?


Those of us who’ve spent one or more loud, dim, dollar-Double-Dark stained nights in Sophie’s Bar on East 5th Street may be surprised to learn that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain filmed an episode of his “No Reservations” show at the decidedly downscale joint this past weekend. EV Grieve reports the session was held with author Nick Tosches (Hellfire), who there discussed for the delectation of Travel Channel viewers “the great old haunts of NYC.” No word yet as to whether the classic King Missile tune, “Doubled Fucked By 2 Black Studs (In The Back of Sophie’s Bar),” will be used in the background of the segment.

But Grieve shares the concern of Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York, who notes that Bourdain’s expression of solicitude for local dumps is sometimes followed suspiciously closely by their closing.