Billyburg Bike Lane War! And a Modest Proposal


A Gothamist reader tips us to an trick the city is apparently pulling on cyclists down near the Brooklyn Williamsburg Bridge entrance: “The bike lane arrows turn and point to the sidewalk… 3/4 ways down the sidewalk I get stopped by 2 cops telling me that I can’t ride on the sidewalk…. And then they proceed to give me a ticket!”

He’s not the only one: Cops recently told a FreeWilliamsburg reader that they “were specifically instructed to target cyclists” in that area because “everyone in this neighborhood has a bicycle.”

Are the freewheeling days of Brooklyn cycling over? You can’t take it out on the police, so you may wish to do as MyBikeLane does and take it out on drivers who stand in designated bike lanes by taking their plate numbers and reporting them. Maybe, over time, our leaders will see the madness of this legalistic war-of-all-against-all and relent. Then we’ll have a libertarian paradise, with bikers and drivers cheerfully coexisting, sometimes in the same time and place and at high velocity.