GOP’s Mondello: Young “Barak Obama” Voters are Republicans


State Republican officials are grumbling about dumping GOP chairman Joe Mondello, who saw the party lose its state senate majority this month, not to mention suffering a landslide vote for the Democratic presidential ticket.

But yesterday the embattled Mondello came charging back with an email blast to the party faithful. This blame game is a big waste of time, he says:

“We need to push past any recriminations about who did, or didn’t do what during the last election cycle.”

He’s also got good news: The party just has to wait for those pesky kids who helped put Obama in office to age into their rightful Republican-hood.

“You know those new young voters who came out to the polls for the first time to find the name Barak [sic] Obama and then voted Democratic? They are Republican voters. They don’t know it yet, but they will find themselves looking at the Republican line in due time and voting for candidates who reflect their values and work ethic.”

In the meantime, Mondello promises to appoint a “strategic review committee” to wrestle with a few legitimate questions raised by the election. These include: “Who are we? What do Republicans believe in?”

Better hurry up with the answers, Joe. The kids are hungry.