John Forte Mania: Please, W., Pardon Remy Ma, Too



Though she has never worked with Wyclef, let her go anyway.

So Complex totally stole an idea I had like five hours after they did: More Rappers George W. Bush Should Pardon, in honor of our (still!) president’s inexplicable decision to commute John Forte’s sentence. (Great move, by the way: I support complete amnesty/diplomatic immunity for everyone involved in Wyclef Jean’s The Carnival. Pras excluded.) They hit all the highlights (Shyne, Black Rob, Prodigy), but allow me to throw one more on the pile: Remy Ma. She has suffered enough. Plus you can make a Remy-Papoose reality show a condition of her release — hell, it’d be a hell of a lot better than The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

(Mystikal should probably stay in prison, by the way.)