Adman: McCain Camp Wouldn’t Let Me Use Jungle Drums, Ellen


Time unaccountably did an article this week in which John McCain ad man Fred Davis III mourned that his best anti-Obama campaign ideas — like one spot showing Obama dancing with Ellen DeGeneres, and another using some guy named Reverend Wright — never ran because the McCain team was afraid of playing the “race card.” They wouldn’t even let Davis “play drum-heavy tracks that could be seen as an African tribal reference.” (Davis also worked in 2008 for Senators Elizabeth Dole and John Sununu, both of whom lost despite their non-African American opposition.)

Rightbloggers smell the fix! “It seems pretty obvious,” declares TownHall, “that John McCain was afraid of going down in history as the guy who prevented the first African-American major party nominee from being elected,” and therefore “pulled his punches.” They suggest McCain threw the election as “the result of remembering a time when African Americans were treated shamefully,” though they are pleased that Sarah Palin demonstrated no such awareness.

“Did McCain actually want to win this thing?” asks Weasel Zippers. The Freepers are of course on board: “Dancing with Ellen ( twice )-racist. Personally, I thought this made Obsama look gay,” “Maybe the McCain people were spooked, so to speak,” etc.

Well, there’s always a chance that African Press International will finally invalidate Obama’s election with that “birth dacument [sic] on Mr Obama.” Keep hope alive!