Big Takeover: Group Wants Bad Brains to Play Inaugural Ball





If the coming Administration so far looks slightly change-averse, at least the festivities can be radicalized: a Facebook group is calling for Obama to hire the Bad Brains to play at the Inauguration. At this writing they have 5,456 adherents.

From the mission statement: “It’s high time (if you’ll pardon the expression) that the most DC of all the DC bands was not only officially unbanned, but received the honor that President Clinton saw fit to bestow on Fleetwood Mac. (No offense.)”

Makes sense. There’s a groundswell for P-Funk, but they played an MTV Inaugural Ball in the Clinton era, and we’ve already got enough Clinton up in here. Let’s show the world that Ms. Babylon’s queendom is truly doomed.

Plus we really want to see how the Secret Service handles a mosh pit.