Got Milk?


Well, I certainly did. I saw the movie about murdered politico Harvey Milk, and have all the dish on it for you in my new column, including which player in that scenario might have been gayer than you think. [CLICK HERE.] This particular ouevre of mine also boasts Haley Joel Osment talking about heroin (Relax–he read about it), Marc Jacobs on gay fabulousness, Arianna Huffington decrying today’s journalism, and my own analysis of the gay themes in Australia. So click first, then heat up your turkey later.

And hold on to your giblets, I’ll give you one extra gossip bit to stuff into your bird: The kids on the boards are swearing that for the upcoming Broadway revival of Guys and Dolls, Craig Bierko will play Sky Masterson and Tituss Burgess will do Nicely Nicely. This is clearly nontraditional, out-of-species casting–Burgess was the crab in The Little Mermaid.