House to Ask: Was Spitzer a Patsy?


Some people have wondered, while most of us merely snickered, over the discovery of Eliot Spitzer’s dealings with prostitutes. Had his bank really alerted the IRS of his money movements to the Emperors Club VIP as a simple matter of course? Some critics thought it might have been a deliberate effort to get Spitzer because he was on the trail of corrupt lender Countrywide, or for other sinister reasons.

Here comes a new, and newly-curious, Democratic Congress, and the Times reports that some of them are going to look into that question. “Why were they looking for this?” asks Congressman Michael Capuano. “Is this political retribution?” His House Financial Services Committee is going to follow up. Committee member Pete King hopes they’ll work on the bailout first, but he’s a Republican. Now perhaps we’ll have an appropriately grand setting for the climax of the future Oliver Stone movie, “ELS.”