News: Brooklyn Rents Topping Manhattan’s


Sure, you love and defend Brooklyn, but you really want to move back to Manhattan, don’t you? The Daily News offers one of those false-hope lures that keep you reading the real estate pages: Manhattan rents are coming down — yeah, that old standby, but with a twist: some rents are lower than in Brooklyn. There’s not much hard data — the News compares Brooklyn Heights prices to those in the Upper and Lower East Sides, which is kind of unfair, as the former is mostly brownstones and the latter are mostly tiny, ugly boxes. “Median” prices in other nabes were low, but good luck getting a median price. Meantime, here’s one of those great UES 1BR deals, with a living room that’s basically a foyer, for $1600. Grab it quick, before it reverts back to an SRO.