Rebel Without a Cause


We scratched our heads when Dennis Hopper (who will forever remain in our minds as the obscenity-screaming, gas-huffing sociopath of Blue Velvet) appeared in that recent Ameriprise retirement commercial, but, then again, it’s kind of classic Hopper: The multi-talented iconoclast has been keeping us on our toes with his unconventional roles and directorial work for more than five decades. Celebrating his life and work, the Museum of the Moving Image hosts an evening of discussion with the septuagenarian, along with film clips and an introduction by filmmaker Julian Schnabel. With roles in unforgettable films like Rebel Without a Cause, Easy Rider, and Apocalypse Now, Hopper has truly carved his own unique path in Hollywood. We just hope his King Koopa/Super Mario Bros. days are totally over.

Thu., Dec. 4, 7 p.m., 2008