Blogsgiving: How the Locals Gave Thanks


The Thanksgivingness was strong with local bloggers, with the Macy’s Parade a popular touchstone. EV Grieve took a few pictures. Gothamist wondered about that new Smurf baloon — was it Baby, Lazy, or Dreamy? Urbanite looked at the Parade’s Smurf roots in the 1980s. The Bowery Boys reviewed the “Strangest Thanksgiving Day Balloons Ever” (including a “completely misshapen and almost horrifying” Eddie Cantor). The Times‘s City Room paid tribute to the Energizer Bunny balloon which, at parade’s end, kept going and going and going.

Miss Heather reprinted an 1883 Brooklyn Eagle column about the “fantasticals and ragamuffins” whose parades long preceded Macy’s in the streets of Brooklyn’s “Dangertown” and “Mackerelville.” Ephemeral New York flashed forward to 1907, when the Times was predictably harder on these paraders (“Army of Beggars Mars Thanksgiving“). The tradition persists elsewhere.

The Observer‘s team watched TV and surfed websites. Gowanus Lounge made a Brooklyn Thanksgiving video playlist, including a “Thanksgiving Kitty Party.” Queens Crap was uncharacteristically nostalgic for the pilgrims-and-Indians thing; Joey in Astoria recommended local restaurants for the kitchen-averse.

Sports fans themed up: Dom D was thankful for “Agbayani’s 8th Inning RBI Double (2000 World Series Game 3)” and other modest Mets successes; Amazin’ Avenue gave it up for “Luis Castillo’s balky knees, Moises Alou’s pee hands, Eddie Kunz’s ruff outings,” etc. Newsday‘s Yankees fan Joe Pawlikowski contemplated the blessings of Brian Cashman, Alex Rodriguez, and gave thanks that “Robinson Cano is working hard to improve.”

Amanda was thankful for “my family, sliders, the healing powers of time”; Brooklyn Based for “A third season of ‘Mad Men'” and “Butternut Squash soup.”

Many just briefly thanked their readers and went to dinner. We’ve had our turkey already and Black Friday’s hard upon us (with sales starting at midnight!); please accept our gratitude for your patronage, which we offer with all the sincerity of a blogger who unaccountably still gets enough to eat.