Another Old Bar Goes Down: The Kingsland Tavern


We used to enjoy an occasional glass at the Kingsland Tavern at the corner of Kingsland and Nassau in Greenpoint. It was never very well-attended, and by the time we got to it the place was keeping odd hours, closing early whenever, we guess, the bartender got lonesome. But it was cheap and dark and, though bedraggled, had the noble character of an old-time saloon. It featured an big, elegant, curved oak bar, a jukebox, a pool table, and a modest back room which, toward the end, hosted some rock shows, but was mainly used for afternoon birthday and sweet sixteen parties.

Months ago it stopped opening its door altogether and in the daylight hours ominous construction sounds were heard within. The small stained-glass windows made it impossible to see what they were doing to the place, but we happened by there today and found the door open. Here’s what we saw:

No tears for the Tavern: a bar that can’t pull its freight in custom has ceased to perform its function, and must pass on. But we doubt that this laundromat, even if it lasts a good many years, will leave memories as sweet.