Fans Sour on Yanks’ Suite Deal


Yankee fans are weighing in on the city’s bizarre deal for a Yankee Stadium luxury box — even the Yankees’ official fan board has a “Bend Over Taxpayers of NY!!!!” post, though so far it has drawn no discussion.

“Corruption and graft in New York?” asks Pinstripe Alley. “Say it ain’t so! River Avenue Blues calls it “just one more example of the close and, at times, inappropriate relationship between the city and a team that had once promised to build the stadium with little help from the public.”

Some of their commenters aren’t fazed, though. “The new facility will provide jobs and tax revenue for the city for decades to come,” says one. “Sounds to me like everybody got something out of this deal, except the people who wanted the old stadium to remain.”

“New Stadium, same old greed,” says the LoHud Yankees Blog. “Good luck trying to get into that suite if you work for city.”

A number of popular Yanksblogs haven’t spoken of the subject at this writing, but we’re sure they’ll get to it. (Surprisingly, the Red Sox blogs are quiet about it, too.