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Liberal Media Ruins Black Friday


Early reports were optimistic: Black Friday sales were reported up three percent over last year. People were even robbing their grandmothers and killing for deals. America was back! The spending spree even helped buoy the stock market Friday. “Worst economy since the 1930’s?” a reader told Instapundit. “I don’t think so.”

But while some outlets still spread the good news, treasonous news organization like Bloomberg are saying that the lift “May Not Mean Strong Holidays” — that the massive Friday discounts drove unsustainable numbers. Now the New York Times, mother ship of the MSM, reports that the price-offs cut Black Friday profits sufficiently to make the whole thing a wash. To pad the story and increase the treason, they even allow economic analysts to offer anecdotal evidence (“There was definitely more elbow room,” said John D. Morris of Wachovia). The Times‘ pessimism has quickly spread across the country, and now we can blame them for the New Depression and Vietnam.

Patriots place their last hope in Cyber Monday. To the keyboard, True Sons of Liberty!

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