Rupert Murdoch Can’t Hold His Chardonnay


The New York Times review of Michael Wolff’s new Rupert Murdoch bio is the sort of review that makes you read other reviews rather than the book. We are unsurprised to hear of the media mogul’s “inexorable, reptilian momentum,” only mildly titillated to be reminded that his wife “is 38 years his junior,” and insufficiently curious about the “wild fluctuations in his hair color.”

But Australia’s The Age did pique our interest with a description of the night of Princess Diana’s death. when Murdoch “proceeded to get ‘shitfaced’ on a bottle of French chardonnay, passed out, and had to be carried out to Harry’s Bar around the corner, where he was due to meet a group of bankers.” Shitfaced on a single bottle of wine? And Murdoch calls himself a journalist!


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