Sweet New Music Blog Actually Launches


Ooooh the Constantines.

So as any freakishly tall rock-critic dude will tell you, these are boom times for Internet music discourse: tons of money, tons of jobs, tons of chicks. Haha, just kidding, right now is pretty much terrible. But in the interest of lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness, let us hail the arrival of MBV, a new variety-show site masterminded by “five venerable voices of the music blogosphere,” a phrase we will quote warmly and non-sarcastically, just for today. Those venerable voices include the excellent Catbirdseat, the equally excellent Fluxblog, and Large Hearted Boy, Said the Gramophone, and Chromewaves as well. As of now MBV (no My Bloody Valentine affiliation, they hasten to add) is a pleasant mash of MP3s, show fliers, links, and other ephemera, most appealingly Fluxblog guru Matthew Perpetua’s concert reviews, complete with painstakingly compiled setlists, an excellent weapon, especially when he deploys it sarcastically. (Scroll down to Telepathe.) Insomuch as this discipline can be said to have an “old school,” these guys are it, so please give ’em a few clicks, and perhaps some money, jobs, and chicks as well.

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