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That’s Our Hillary! Pols, Rightbloggers React to New Secretary of State





President-Elect Obama confirmed today that Hillary Clinton is his nominee for Secretary of State.

Clinton thanked Obama and “my fellow New Yorkers,” who she said had given her “the joy of a job I love” in “a state that I cherish,” which she claimed “helped prepare me well” for the new office, as New Yorkers “aren’t afraid to speak their minds and do so in every language.”

She mentioned (as is her wont) “the future of our children,” and said the “idea that everyone should have the right to live up to his or her God-given potential… must guide America’s purpose in the world today.” She referred to Mumbai and “threats that are relentless,” and announced that “America cannot solve these crises without the world, and the world cannot solve them without America.” Also: “Our security, our values, and our interests cannot be protected and advanced by force alone, nor indeed by Americans alone.” She recommended “vigorous diplomacy” to find “common cause” with other nations. She told Obama she looked forward to a “difficult and exciting adventure.”

Obama also announced the retention of Robert Gates at Defense, Janet Napolitano (whose fitness for office was discussed here) as Secretary of Homeland Security, and other appointments.

Congressman Anthony Weiner reacts: “This is great news. It’s hard to imagine a person who comes to the job as Secretary of State better qualified than Senator Hillary Clinton.” Governor David Paterson says, “New York will lose a powerful voice in the Senate. But the nation will gain a powerful voice in the world.” “I can think of no better person for the job of Secretary of State than my friend Hillary Clinton,” says Congressman Jose Serrano. “Hillary knows exactly what to say, and who to say it to in order for us to get the results that we need internationally.”

Though Macsmind predicts from the new “Oprah Team” “a gutting of the military such as was done under Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter before him” and Hot Air took the occasion to denounce Samantha Power, rightbloggers responses were mostly favorable, if sometimes in curious ways and for curious reasons.

National Review‘s Kathryn J. Lopez enjoys the discomfiture of an anti-war activist at the nomination; at Commentary Jennifer Rubin is pleased that “the Left may be grinding its teeth” at the possibility of a “robust, clear-eyed national security approach,” and elsewhere says Clinton’s appointment “allowed Israel’s supporters to breathe a sigh of relief.” At the Weekly Standard Mary Katherine Ham imagines that “Obama almost choked on ‘my dear friend, Hillary Clinton'” and was “testy” at the “refreshingly skeptical” questions at the news conference.

“Big day for the incoming Clinton-Bush administration as POTUS-elect Obama Rodham Bush 3 announces the national security team he campaigned against,” says Jules Crittenden. “How come no one wants to look at why Obama has abandoned his most earnestly voiced principles, and whether he actually has any?” Guess this one’s win-win.


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