Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Melissa Etheridge’s “Christmas in America”


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The iTunes promotional lurch–a la last weekend’s Times‘ box-set and coffee-table “gift guides”– is, sadly, headed straight into moving Christmas product, from last week’s Tony Bennett/A Swingin’ Christmas debacle to this week’s bizarrely titled A New Thought for Christmas, courtesy of California tax-evader Melissa Etheridge.

“Christmas in America” may also be gunning for the Iraq war demographic: Her baby is “in someone else’s land” and Etheridge’s prayer to Santa is to get her loved one home and “far away from harm.” This is that “Citizen Soldier”-type action-movie trailer fodder that 3 Doors Down seemingly pioneered: montage-ready, melodic but steely with resolve. Except I guess this one is anti war, although gently, like maybe America’s soldiers should get a much-deserved break for the holidays before they go back. In the meantime, she ties to the tree to the car, erects a tiny reindeer in the yard, looks at snowflakes and tries not to get sad.

Points, though, for confusing “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls” in the second verse.

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