Ballfields Near New Yankee Stadium Won’t Be Ready Soon


Macombs Dam Park in the Bronx had four ballfields, and no doubt many kids who played there dreamed of playing one day in nearby Yankee Stadium. Now construction of the new Yankee Stadium has destroyed their ballfields, and it turns out construction of the planned replacement parkland, including a fancy Heritage Field diamond, is a bit behind schedule, says the Daily News. There’s an “interim” field, but that’s going to be turned into a garage this spring, so when the Yankees come back to play, the kids will be out of luck. “Wait’ll next year” indeed.

Bronx Beep Adolfo Carrion is pissed about it, but some people were skeptical about this plan (and about the “temporary park“) back when Carrion was boosting it. The Neighborhood Retail Alliance thinks Carrion’s a sap. “Is this the same guy that PE Obama wants in his cabinet?” asks NRA. “Perhaps it will be Secretary of the Interior.”


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