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Girl-Geek Event Has Low Bar for Geekhood, Discounts


This weekend is the first East Coast She’s Geeky, a gender-segregated tech conference — or, as they like to call it, an “un-conference” taking place in “neutral, face-to-face gathering spaces for women,” in this case the Microsoft offices at 1290 Avenue of the Americas. From the invite, She’s Geeky seems to be about networking and schmoozing, and from the promo video it seems anyone with the right attitude and genitalia qualifies: attendees tell us repeatedly they’re geeks but don’t much justify it — one says, “I have wi-fi in the kitchen,” another likes science fiction, another believes in “being open to future technology” and so forth. You don’t have to do anything — “You just have to be a woman who identifies as a geek,” says the website. If only our employer were so accommodating. Why isn’t a strong interest in journalism good enough?

Oh, but speaking of that: She’s Geeky’s inclusiveness, refreshingly, has an economic component, too. Aware of the “the fear and anxiety that many of our fellow geekettes are experiencing during this recession,” unconference unofficials are offering a “She’s Geeky Bailout.” If you have been laid off, or are even “on the verge” of being laid off or think you may at some point get laid off, bring a similarly distressed friend and you both get into the event for half-price. (Offer good for the first 25 applicants.)

We think they should go whole-hog and let our butch ass in, because we have a girlish laugh.

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