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Office Holiday Parties Down, Says Shaken Office Party Supplier


FreshDirect At The Office, the B2B arm of the grocery delivery company, really wants to supply office parties with everything “from gourmet platters like fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil… to decadent dessert, snacks and pantry supplies.” So they are at least as disappointed as many of you will be to learn that, per their poll, 65 percent of New York offices are either doing without a holiday party this year, or will “significantly scale back,” which presumably means no decadent pantry supplies, and Cracker Barrel and Ritz crackers instead of fresh mozz. FDATO’s Larry Pearl stubbornly insists that “managers are realizing the importance of holiday parties to keep employees motivated and in good spirits,” and pledges to work with them to find “a feasible way to host high-quality parties at a tremendous value.” Or you can make your own Parmesan Straws this year. Think of it as a team-building exercise.

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