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Rightbloggers Bedazzled by Obama Ring Story


The New York Post today picked up a Daily Mail report that Obama bought an ugly $30,000 ring for his wife. Gawker called the story a fraud this morning — the Mail has updated, though the Post has not — but rightbloggers are more credulous, and their outrage has been at least as extravagant as the alleged purchase.

Credit for persistence goes to Freedom Eden who, after raging about the ring and emitting unrelated Obama slurs (“Obama will REQUIRE you to be engaged and shed your cynicism”), questions the Obama team’s denial because the journalistic paragons of the Post haven’t retracted the story yet. Besides, “When [Obama spokesman] Pfeiffer e-mails Politico, and without elaboration, writes ‘not true,'” she says, “that’s not very clear.” Maybe Pfeiffer should have denied it in ALL CAPS.

Debbie Schlussel asks “Who is the ‘other woman’?” runs a picture of JFK with Marilyn Monroe, and asks again if it’s an “Over-The-Top ‘I Cheated’ Guilt-Ring?” — which, she adds, looks “like it came from Diddy’s or Snoop’s pinky finger in a rap video.” She also calls the incoming Obama Administration “the ‘new’ Camelot, done Fitty-Cent style… look in the mirror, Mr. Egalitarian.”

“It is only greed when conservatives do it,” says Ghost of a Flea, referring to this “special gift for supporting her husband — who is a Christian — Barack HUSSEIN Obama during his gruelling career of campaigning and self-promotion.” “Ah, how magical life as President Elect and Leader For Life must be!” snarls Brit and Grit. “It’s probably just pocket Change to Obama, the Chosen One, Messiah, and Leader For Life. Oh, and if the purchase of this gaudy trinket isn’t a hard enough kick in the teeth of the average citizen, he didn’t even buy American.”

“I’m sure all the Sarah Palin wardrobe critics will come out about this one too! Right?” asks Stop the ACLU. Michelle Malkin asks, “How long before someone screams RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST?” No, we don’t know what she means either.

We don’t know why they’re wasting their time on this when there are bigger Obama scandals to uncover.

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