Strange Snacks of the World–Beef and Seaweed Potato Chips


Other countries definitely beat us on the potato-chip-flavor front. In Greece, they can nosh on feta cheese or tzatziki flavored chips. In Canada, they have ketchup chips (totally delicious); in Thailand they have spicy chili squid flavor, and in India something called “Magic Masala.” (Which you can often find at Patel Brothers grocery in Jackson Heights.) Ukrainians crunch on crab-cheddar-bacon chips. Doesn’t this put salt and vinegar to shame?

When we were in Bali a month ago, one of our primary activities was…eating. And we found plenty of snacks to stuff in our faces, like fried, coated chile peanuts and lots of fun potato chips.

We brought back two of the best potato chip flavors.

Here’s the first: Beef barbecue, or “rasa sapi panggang.” Not barbecue, mind you, but beef barbecue. These craggy, ruffled chips taste like beef boullion, barbecue sauce and chiles.

And secondly, there are nori seaweed chips, or “rasa rumput laut.” These taste exactly like toasted nori, probably because seaweed extract is the second ingredient. They’re thin chips, dusted with green seaweed seasoning, sweet, briny and salty. If you like seaweed, you would like these.
Like sushi potato chips
Let’s all petition Frito-Lay and convince them that Americans can handle outré potato chip flavors!


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