The Giants and a Rush to Judgment


We can always count on Macy’s to try to corner the market on the Yuletide spirit and crush all who stand in its way. But the retailer, already smacked down by the recession, was bitten by the Law of Unintended References in today’s AM NY.

“Rush in and Catch up with New York football Champion Brandon Jacobs” (of the Giants, of course), an ad on Page 8 in the newspaper blares.

The word “rush” jerked us awake because on page 4 we read more about how 2,000 crazed Christmas shoppers broke down the doors of a Wal-Mart in Valley Stream and trampled a security guard to death. Macy’s and the other two co-sponsors of the event in today’s ad, Perry Ellis and Details, couldn’t have meant their words literally. By “rush,” perhaps, the folks at Macy’s meant “walk in a legally acceptable manner.”

Which the Giants themselves are trying to do. The ad goes on say that Jacobs is “renowned for his offensive contributions on the field.”

As opposed to Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress’s “offensive contributions” off the field.

This won’t be the last time that people will be making yardage at the Giants’ expense.


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