Bombs Away: What Were The Biggest Entertainment Disasters of ’08?


The biggest turkey of the year was the one I bought at Whole Foods and filled with M&M’s for a very sweet Thanksgiving Day spent blissfully solo. (Kidding. I indulged in that great American tradition–Chinese buffet–with the whole messy extended family.) But there were so many other gigantic turkeys this year, and has delightfully (if prematurely) put them into a tidy list of 25 for us to digest with a mixture of awe and nausea.

Among their top clinkers were Janet Jackson‘s cancellation-heavy “Rock Witchu” tour (which could have benefited from a wardrobe malfunction or two to draw some attention), Kath and Kim (which at least looked good on paper), and Jessica Simpson, whose album fared about as well as her sister Ashlee‘s–which also conspicuously made the list! But their top, unwanted slot went to the ever sinewy Sylvester Stallone for dredging up another Rambo flick, just moments after he foisted us with yet one more bleeding, bellowing Rocky. It was a one-two punch we may never recover from–and there’s no telling what global havoc Sly will wreak if he next decides to come up with another Judge Dredd!

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