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Brooklyn Rising: $2500 Lofts in Bushwick


Now that Manhattan rents are sorta-kinda dropping, we look to Brooklyn for real estate inflation. BushwickBK is celebrating Craigslist real estate ads in its now-groovy hood that don’t sound so scrumptious to us, but we’re old and remember when the place was a festival of arson and mayhem. For instance, there are lofts near the Jefferson L train stop for $2300 and $2500/month, and as you can see from the photo, they come with some urban funk to remind you of where you didn’t come from. If you have less money and a taste for adventure, there are renovated 2BRs (!) for $1200 and $1300 in spots described by BBK as “not in the most prime area” and “the end of the world,” but still convenient to local nightlife.

Hurry, these deals won’t last; already we hear Flatlands is the next big thing. (Check out the restaurant scene!)

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