New York

Eliot Spitzer To Write Non-Sex Column for Slate


Shut. UP:

“Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned earlier this year over his involvement in a prostitution ring, will write a column for online magazine about the economy and financial regulation.”

When he wrote that editorial for the Washington Post last month, we thought it was the beginning of a long, slow rehabilitation, not a quick road test for the next John Crudele. Oh, and the column will be called “The Best Policy,” which in the alternate universe where we used to live meant “honesty,” not “next time pay cash.”

“This is something that we would want him to write about even if he’d never been governor,” said editor Jacob Weisberg. What he didn’t say was that Spitzer applied as an automotive columnist in October, but Slate decided he wouldn’t bring enough of an audience with him. With this financial column, though, the bankers he indicted as Attorney General will come in droves to leave withering comments about Spitzer’s wan prose style.

The worst part is: we didn’t think to hire him first.

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