More than a few Santas will be coming to town today, and depending on whether you’re the type who loves to dress up in a red suit and go bar hopping or the kind who finds this behavior annoying, it may be either the merriest day of the year or the most annoying. For the past 13 years, SantaCon has been wreaking havoc on city streets around the world (their website,, claims 70,000 Santas invaded Moscow), and today—gulp!—is New York’s turn. Organizers have a couple of mandatory rules: If you’re participating, you must dress like Santa, and you don’t “fuck with kids” or cops or security. Well, they sure tried to fuck with us last year when they threatened bodily harm if we previewed their event (they’d hoped to have things on the DL). But drunken Kris Kringles don’t scare us, and they shouldn’t scare you either, because, ultimately, they’re just old folks who miss fraternity life.

Sat., Dec. 13, 2008

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