Subpoenaed Students Learn Valuable Lesson About Democracy


Saxby Chambliss has already won a Senatorial run-off election in Georgia, but New York still hasn’t gotten through the affidavit ballots in last month’s still-undecided State Senate race between Frank Padavan and James Gennaro. Today the Times talks to some St. John’s students subpoenaed by Republican lawyers because, as new voters to the jurisdiction, they filled out provisional paper ballots and, being smart enough to get into St. John’s, probably figured their votes would be uncounted rather than obsessed over. The kids are described as “frustrated and angry” because it’s getting close to finals and they lost precious hours defending their franchise in court.

Democrats made fine speeches against the GOP’s meddling (“the Republican Party has systematically tried to deny them their vote” etc), but we know they’d do the same thing if they thought it would work. So the net effect is probably to make the kids cynical about democracy. And that’s the sort of education money can’t buy!

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