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Survey Says: New Yorkers Pretty Happy with City Services


The Mayor and the Public Advocate have released results of their NYC Feedback Citywide Customer Survey, which assessed 135,000+ respondents’ feeling about city services. Most of those questioned found their services excellent-good-fair — police, fire, schools, libraries, all got 85 percent or higher approval. Social support services lagged at 58 percent.

Closer inspection of the study reveals that only 18 percent of respondents plan to leave the city soon (so forget about getting their apartments). The lowest neighborhood-satisfaction numbers come from Morrisania and Claremont (58 percent) and the highest from the Upper East Side (100 percent!).

311 got high marks, and two-thirds of respondents used it in the past year, but most of them say their complaint was not resolved; guess that was a “thanks for trying” vote of confidence.

Even restaurant cleanliness and air quality got good scores (74 and 82, respectively). About the lowest ratings came for homeless services, with 48 percent calling them poor; Prospect Heights and Crown Heights residents were least satisfied. But it’s really hard to spin this thing negatively. We assume none of our friends who constantly bitch about the city got a questionnaire, or were thwarted by its lack of a free-writing section in which to complain about the Knicks, parking tickets, potholes, etc.

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