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The Gentleman Boxer Goes for Two


A week after gracing the cover of the Voice, “gentleman boxer” Tor Hamer is feeling the buzz. “Now things are really picking up,” says the Penn State-educated heavyweight, who fights his second professional fight tomorrow night.

When the issue hit stands last Wednesday, Hamer says he took a bundle to his high school reunion. “People would ask me what I’d been up to, and I’d show them my face on the cover!”

In addition to fighting in tomorrow night’s Bob Duffy’s 3rd annual Holiday Hits, Hamer already has a fight lined up January 17 at Madison Square Garden. “We’re aiming for one fight a month to really get through the 4-rounders. The fight in January is my real intro to the big boys, it’s a jam packed HBO card.” Having raised his fighting profile, Hamer says he is being offered business and television projects from major companies. “I do have to remind myself that none of this really matters if I lose a fight.”

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