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Vetiver‘s forthcoming Tight Knit doesn’t drop till (soon to be abolished?) Black History Month, but their current warm-up dates will doubtless display some of the more prime-time pop flourishes and cohesion to be found on the wonderfully concise 10-track set. The quartet’s leader, Andy Cabic, my Auld Varginny homeboy, even seems to be half-steppin’ away from the freaky-deak to the funky side on “On the Other Side” and elsewhere. But don’t fret: The persistent aspects of long ago far away that have been Vetiver hallmarks ain’t flown the coop. Dig the new one’s bookends, “Rolling Sea” and “At Forest Edge”—they definitely make me long for my ancestral lands in the Tidewater and along the West Virginia border, while kenning their ethereal meshes. With Crystal Stilts and Silver Summit.

Wed., Dec. 17, 8 p.m., 2008

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