All Traces of ‘Rosie Live!’ Vanish


By all accounts, ‘Rosie Live! was a misbegotten atttempt to revive the variety format which critics said looked underrehearsed, felt too limited in its palette of older-skewing talent, and ignored the cardinal rule that the host should merely introduce the acts and then stand on the sidelines (unless, of course, the act is Topo Gigio, the talking mouse).

Well, since the pilot’s colossal failure with cultural arbiters and audiences alike, there’s been nary a trace of it on YouTube, NBC dutifully making sure precious little of the wreckage survives. All I could find were a few promos, a quick clip with Clay Aiken (and Rosie, of course), and this segment in which Gloria Estefan fails at telling turkey jokes (though, to be fair, her second one is told over the band loudly launching into music). After her standup embarrassment, Gloria then gets to sing a duet with Rosie about the pigout known as Thanksgiving.

I know you didn’t watch it when it was on, so I’m serving this now for you to see what you missed. And learn from it. What could have been done better, people? Be kind. Rosie meant well.

But wait, hold on to your lunch, kids! The opening number, with Rosie singing and dancing with Liza MinnelI on “City Lights” has now gone up on YouTube! The wreckage is surfacing! Watch it if you’re brave.

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