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Bloomberg Takes Another Giants Shot


Another shot at the Giants just now by that old joker Mike Bloomberg.

At the press conference this morning on the Ravitch commission’s proposals to stem the MTA fiscal crisis, Governor Paterson laid it on pretty thick as he introduced the mayor. Calling him both “one of the country’s leading experts on infrastructure” and “a very popular mayor,” Paterson also added: “He could’ve stepped aside and just gone on to another endeavor during the fiscal crisis, but he wants to be here with us.”

This was a little confusing, as Bloomberg has another year yet to serve before his current term ends. But Paterson was really just playing straight man for Bloomie who, when he stepped to the mic, said: “I want to thank the governor for saying that I could’ve been elsewhere. I could, for example, have gone to a Giants game. I’m probably safer here at the moment.”

That makes it almost 72 hours now that Bloomberg has been ragging on the wounded gun-toter Plaxico Burress and the Giants for last week’s accidental self-wounding in a Manhattan nightclub. Even though the press conference dealt largely with bus service, the mayor made no mention of bus driver Edwin Thomas, killed this week by an irate passenger.
The gov also declared a political victory of sorts, stating that “One thing is clear. Mike Bloomberg’s not running for governor.”

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