No props on Prop 8


Andrew Sullivan raises an incendiary question regarding a new Gallup poll revealing that “31 percent of black Democrats in America say homosexual relations are morally acceptable, roughly the same as the 30 percent of Republicans who agree.”

Sullivan glances at the issue of homophobia in the black community by following up an excerpt from the Gallup press release with a heavy-handed rhetorical question: “And does anyone believe that it is a coincidence that the most homophobic racial group in America also has the highest rate of HIV transmission?”

Sullivan invites even more ire from black gay bloggers who have already accused him — and fellow gay blogger Dan Savage — of blaming increased black turnout in the recent Presidential election for the passage of California’s Proposition 8.

Gay blogger Rod 2.0 answers the Sullivan/Savage tag team by asking, “Not One Black Gay/Lesbian Couple in ‘No on Prop 8’ Ads. Why?” and adding:

Despite questionable exit polling data, the mainstream media and its gay counterparts continue to blame black voters for the recent passage of Prop 8 in California — escalating tensions, prompting scuffles and racial epithets at street rallies as well as thousands of mean-spirited comments across the gay virtual community.

Rod 2.0 points readers to this item on Jack and Jill Politics as a rebuttal of what he says are “racist talking points pushed by revisionist hack Andrew Sullivan and sex columnist Dan Savage.” — Fred McKindra

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