3 Schools Closing; Many More May Follow


The Times reports three city schools that got low marks in the recent DOH report cards — The Bronx’s P.S. 90, Queens’ P.S. 225, and Manhattan’s J.H.S. 44 — will be closed. J.H.S. 44, also known as William O’Shea Junior High, is on the DOH list of dangerous schools, and was in the news last April when one of its students killed a Columbia grad student. A Yelp reviewer said of P.S. 90, “This is your stereotypical inner city school. There is no playground… The kids are pushed through the grades… This place is run like a prison. It’s no wonder these kids are always depressed and fighting with each other.” P.S. 225 is Queens’ lowest-scoring school and seems not to have improved much since this 2004 parent complaint appeared in the Rockaway Wave.

The Post says that more closings, possibly bringing the year’s total to 20, are being considered.



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