Christine Pedi Channels Your Favorite Stars


One of the most talented celebrity impersonators around, Christine Pedi has become a star in her own right by lighting up many a Forbidden Broadway production as well as doing her own one-woman (but actually, MANY-women) shows all over town. Well, her Holly Jolly Christmas Folly holiday impression-athon has just dropped over at Laurie Beachman Theater, and I urge you to go and revel in her spot-on aping of divas like Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Julie Andrews, and even herself. Pedi generally does a version of “Rose’s Turn” in which she plays ALL of those gals, seguing from one to the other in a virtuosic display of mimickry not rivaled since Linda Blair spoke in tongues in The Exorcist. Whatever she does in the Xmas show, it promises to be an evening of expertly ritualized schizophrenia filled with so many voices you’ll never feel lonely. You can quote me here: Pedi is the cure for all our woes! (Pedi cure–get it? Ha ha ha….)

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