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JFK Will Lead Tory Revival


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May 25, 1961, Vol. VI, No. 31

JFK Will Lead Tory Revival

By Mary Perot Nichols

“I believe the next generation in this country will be conservative and I believe the leader of that conservative force will be John F. Kennedy.” Thus spoke one of the household gods of right-wing journalism in America to a roomful of up-and-coming “young” conservatives.

The elder statesman was Hearst-columnist George E. Sokolsky, who addressed a meeting of the Village chapter of Young Americans for Freedom at the Hotel Earle last week. His purpose was to educate his heirs in the basic philosophy of conservatism, to bludgeon liberalism, and to conduct a posthumous campaign against the late President
Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Mr. Sokolsky warmed up his audience in the traditional fashion with a few anti-FDR witticisms. “Mr. Roosevelt said there is nothing to fear but fear itself, so he accentuated fear and kept himself in power for four terms.”

He followed this up by explaining that what “conservative” means, in general, is that “we don’t like the products of Roosevelt’s New Deal, Keynesian economics, and communism.” The columnist went on to say that if conservatism is merely negative, “it has failed because it has nothing to say.” He explained that his creed is based on “historic memory.” This he defined as the knowledge that has been handed down by tradition, man’s habits, religious groupings, and the family. He called the family the center of society rather than the state or the individual.

Mr. Sokolsky stated that conservatism is based on natural law – “the revealed law of God to man.” One such natural law demands that man be provided with incentives, he said. Without incentives, “we get hobos, multimillionaires – and beatniks.”

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