Kristof Tweets Presage New Era in Journalism


Wednesday New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof announced to the world he was going to Twitter. “I was the first Times blogger,” he bragged, and he also has “a facebook page and Youtube [sic] channel,” so for Kristof this is a natural progression into the world of the future. He asked for advice, and for some reason received several comments from members of the Kiwanis Club.

In early Twitter innings Kristof only announced his columns, but he is slowly growing more ruminative.

“Here’s my fave word of the week: ‘leporine,'” he announces. “Great word, no? I’ll try sneaking it into a column.” Then: “Hmmm. Sitting at home mulling what to write for Sunday’s column. Pakistan-India agonistes?” And: “On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, one catch: a loud feed coming in my earpiece. Not sure if I answered Joe’s questions or the earpiece’s…”

We see where this is going. “Blue tie or red on MTP today? Red makes me look angry. — ndk” “@panto Suffered a pang when Renee was eliminated. She seems easily dispirited.″ “At LaGuardia. Cinnabon or Dunkin’ Donuts? — ndk” If only Scotty Reston could be here for this! He’d probably drunkblog.


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