On Fabolous and the Game’s “Where You From?”


So that weak sauce new Eminem “Number One” track is destined for the same tape, Big Mike and DJ Neptune’s 4th Quarter Pressure Pt. 2, as the absurd burst of terror that is Jadakiss and Lil’ Wayne’s “Death Wish” and, apparently, “Where You From?,” the newest minute-and-a-half from the Game and Fabolous.

Who’s just having a great year, Fabolous–“Nothing on Me,” the “Hi Haters” remix, that BET Cypher freestyle, that “Let the Beat Build” freestyle, an “A Milli” freestyle, a bonkers cameo at August’s Jeezy show, and now, with Game, “Where You From?”,” 83 seconds of blurry fury from a guy who sounds remarkably confident for not having released a single official piece of his own music in 2008.

He and Jadakiss are basically having an unofficial competition for who can say the gulliest thing on a track right now (“Shots blow from where the snipers lay at/Brain on the windshield where the wipers sway at,” say, off “WYF?,” versus Jada’s own insanely pessimistic “Death Wish” verse on this same tape). This is a great kind of competition to be having.

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