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Pedro Espada’s ‘Clerical Error’


Hats off to new state senate majority leader Pedro Espada Jr.!

The newly elected Bronx state senator not only beat the Senate Dems at their own game by winning election against a long-term Democratic incumbent (OK, the guy was under indictment at the time), he’s now humbled Malcolm Smith, the senator who would be king. Espada and his renegade allies, senators Carl Kruger and Ruben Diaz Sr., have forced a deal that gives Espada one of the posts that Smith and the Dems thought was rightfully theirs now that they hold their first Democratic majority in 40 years.

What kind of majority leader will Espada be? Well, consider his answer to the Times yesterday when he was asked how come, months after his winning election, he has still failed to register a campaign committee, much less make any of the other required filings: It’s a clerical error, he said.

An ex-boxer, Espada punched right back: “I’m the most investigated, the most vetted person around.”

Most vetted? Now where ever did he pick up that line?


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