New York

Porsche Scam Teen Gets 5 Years


Didn’t your mother, or at least the New York Daily News, tell you to be careful about those Craigslist ads? amNY reports this morning that 18-year-old Agnes Banach of Queens has been sentenced to five years in prison for a scam in which she placed an ad promising a discount Posche to anyone who would bring a $22,000 cash deposit; when the vics showed up, she had a bunch of her friends waiting to beat and rob them. Oddly, $4,800 seems to be the largest haul they ever got — one pair who brought the full deposit only lost $50 in the melee before they got away. The budding mooks were nabbed in January.

To brush up on all the latest ways you can get burned via the online service, you can check Craigslist’s own directory and the Craiglist Scambuster.

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