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Tor Hamer is now 2-0


In the second professional fight of his career, ‘Gentleman Boxer‘ Tor Hamer defeated Royal Bryant last night in a TKO within the first two minutes of round 1.

“I felt like an amateur,” says Hamer, who wasn’t feeling like his usual self because his fight kept getting pushed back deeper into the night’s card at the Roseland Ballroom. “My energy was pent up. There was no method to my punches. I didn’t use the jab enough. It felt like my amateur days; I was in there throwing punches.”

As for his opponent. “He tried,” says Hamer, searching for words. “He was smaller than me and weighed less. I took him down with straight body shots. Three knees later, a technical knockout. ”

Next up for Hamer is a January 17th fight at Madison Square Garden. 

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