Week in Review: We Got into Fights!


In the same week that we interviewed Jaime Lowe about her ODB biography and had an unexpected follow-up exchange, the Vivian Girls insulted people who eat at Applebee’s, we defended them, they apologized, Fluxy (who co-launched a new blog) called bullshit, NBS responded, and now Zach’s off drinking heavily.

Boy Crisis does, in fact, take their bed conquests out to brunch the next morning. Weird man-ponytail guy told me on Facebook.

And Eminem’s mother still sends him checks. She told me on the phone.

Coincidentally, Eminem’s ex-wife once sent her a tarantula.

Naysayer: Ben Strong didn’t like Milk. Yeasayer: Chris Keating didn’t like his early press photo.

Live, Tina Turner celebrated her 69th birthday in Newark (?) with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Ted Leo and Andrew W.K. did indie-rock karaoke–for three hours (!). The Silver Apples revived “Moontune” at the Kitchen. And at the Bell House, chiptune nerds did Blip Fest.

The iTunes Free Single of the Week sucked. A Velvet Underground movie sucked, but the David Bowie Video Symposium rocked. So did the Grammy nominations. Unbelievable.

What wasn’t awesome? This week.

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