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Five Reasons Why Bronx Beep Adolfo Carrion Will Be a Great HUD Secretary


1. A team player: Specifically, for the Yankees. When a bunch of spoilsport members of the local community board objected a couple years ago to giving the richest team in baseball a public park and a few hundred million bucks to build a brand new stadium in his borough, Carrion quickly purged them from the board.

2. Gets along famously with housing developers and contractors: Of the $2.3 million warchest Carrion raised for a race for citywide office next year, roughly two-thirds came from the real estate industry. Build baby build!

3. Doesn’t sweat the small stuff: Despite signing off on a community benefits agreement to make sure 25 percent of construction jobs building the new Yankee Stadium went to Bronx residents, Carrion took the team’s word for it, never bothering to make sure a new community oversight board even met.

4. Doesn’t get bogged down in ideology: After announcing in mid-October that he supported Mayor Bloombeg’s move to extend term limits, he flipped back the other way a week later.

5. Gets the big picture: When Bloomberg’s development czar Dan Doctoroff announced he wanted to boot 23 long-time merchants and their 1,500 employees from the Bronx Terminal Market to make way for a mega-mall built by Doctoroff’s best pal, Steve Ross of Related, Carrion got right on board. His office was supposed to find a new home for the market somewhere in his borough (which boasts the largest amount of vacant industrial space in the city). This didn’t happen, but no biggie. They relocated themselves, spread around the city.


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