Glasvegas Unveil the Single Most Emo-Sounding Christmas Song of All Time


It may shock you to learn these people are just a little bit twee.

We have already established that the impending holidays make us a little emotionally frail around here, and have further indicated that Scottish arena-rock upstarts Glasvegas, still shiny and amniotic from the tongue-bathing they’ve received in the British press, are tentatively cool with us as well, despite their naked earnestness and garish U2/Coldplay ambitions. Unfortunately, these two weaknesses have now combined into a fearsome beast: The band is now hawking a special six-song Christmas EP called A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss). I mean, get the fuck out of here.

And yet. Pre-order the grand reissue of Glasvegas’ self-titled mega-schmaltz debut at “your local indie retail store” starting tomorrow — or buy it straight off iTunes starting December 16 — and thou shalt receive the EP free, featuring both the title track (thank god) and a song called “Fuck You, It’s Over,” which is trying way too hard, considering. And you thought Charlie Brown sounded fey.

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