Polaroid Candids of Your Favorite Indie Luminaries (And A Characteristically Disagreeable Lou Reed)


Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox and Black Lips’ Joe Bradley
Photo by Jamie Peck

Gorilla vs Bear may have the Polaroid mugshot game on Kryptonite lock, but our pals over at Impose Magazine recently posted a nifty bunch of instant-camera shots from the last South by Southwest. Only nine months later, this batch already seems like it came from a time capsule–Team Robespierre has since downsized, Vivian Girls have both different hair colors and a different drummer, and Yacht’s Jona Bechtolt is now perma-glued to co-conspirator Claire. But perhaps I’m most fond of these scanned snaps because I had the joy of witnessing photog Jamie Peck ask Lou Reed if she could take his picture, him give her half a nod, and then, of course, turn away. Enjoy that meanie-faced profile shot (see below) and tour-hygienic candids of Japanther, Fiasco, Man Man, the Black Lips all over here.

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