Times Mortgages Itself; Soon Dumb Blogz Like Us Will Rool!


The New York Times has an article today calling panic over job losses an “emotional contagion” that causes companies to make irrational job-cutting decisions. So we suppose we shouldn’t make too much of this: the New York Times Company is borrowing “up to $225 million” and using its midtown headquarters as collateral. Times stock, the Times gamely reports, has lost half its value this year.

Rightwingers who love to hate the Times are naturally delighted; Michelle Malkin proposes that “conservative billionaires” step up to buy the paper and make it into the New York Post with big words. We too look forward to the day when all the big papers with international news desks are on the ash-heap of history, and you have to get all your “news” from blog doofuses like us. It’ll be like A Canticle for Leibowitz, only with nude celebrities.


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