U.S. to GM CEO: Take a hike


Before Congress finally bails out the Big Three automakers, GM CEO Rick Wagoner may bail.

Actually, that’s not correct. Wagoner is about to be thrown out of the car.

Wait, that’s not exactly right, either. It’s not his fellow passengers from Detroit who are pushing him out, it’s people on the outside dragging him from the stalled vehicle.

As the Wall Street Journal reports in “Outside Pressure Grows for GM to Oust Wagoner”:

General Motors Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Rick Wagoner is coming under increasing pressure from outside the company to resign as part of any broad bailout of the auto maker by the federal government.

On Sunday, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.), a supporter of emergency loans for Detroit, suggested Mr. Wagoner should go if the government follows through and provides billions of dollars to help the auto giant restructure and return to profitability.

“I think you’ve got to consider new leadership,” the senator said on the CBS talk show Face The Nation. A Dodd aide said later the senator’s demand for change would not be a “condition written into the” rescue package coming together on Capitol Hill, and draft legislation prepared by top Democrats doesn’t make that explicit requirement. But Mr. Dodd’s displeasure was clear. “If you’re going to restructure, you’ve got to bring in a new team to do this,” he said. “I think [Mr. Wagoner] has to move on.”

Meanwhile, one of the country’s biggest media corpses, the Tribune Co., is about to file for bankruptcy.

Moving on …


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Media giant Tribune Co., saddled with billions in debt since it became a privately held company last year, has hired bankruptcy advisers, according to its flagship newspaper, the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago-based company owns a coast-to-coast empire with television stations and newspapers in most of the nation’s largest cities. Its holdings include the Los Angeles Times; cable television super-station WGN in Chicago; the Baltimore Sun; and WDCW-50 in Washington, the CW affiliate. The company even owns the Chicago Cubs.