Vacation Alert! Not That I’m Going Anywhere!


I hate to do this to you kids again–in fact, I feel like a parent pulling a teen’s favorite drug out of his mouth with bare hands–but I’m taking another week off the blog. See, I’ve accumulated vacation time and want to make sure I use it up by the end of the year just in case it doesn’t roll over (or even roll under). So this week I’ll be busy having all sorts of colonoscopies and jowl tucks so I can come back all refreshed and energized for your gossip delectation. Meanwhile, I have come up with a new column for this Wednesday, and if you think I won’t be reminding you about that like crazy, then I’ll have to start wondering if you know me at all!

And before we part, I AM willing to give you the following free gossip tidbits:

Spies tell me that the Times‘s A.O. Scott will choose Milk as his movie of the year.

Gus Van Sant will reteam with his Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black to do a film of Tom Wolfe‘s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

The Advocate is going monthly in February.

And here’s a gratis observation: The audience for Liza’s show at the Palace is all gay and over 40. Like her husbands! Discuss.

And furthermore: Come see me tonight at 45-Bleecker Street. I’m being interviewed by Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead as part of her 8 PM show, Shoot The Messenger. You can order tickets by.,…oh, just look at the previous post about this. I’m on vacation, remember!

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